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Quality Technician

Date: Aug 2, 2019

Location: Langfang, CN

Company: GKN Aerospace Careers




Quality Technician 


岗位职责 Responsibilies:

1. 协助质量工程师建立/维护/优化文件化质量控制流程

Assist the Quality Engineer to establish /maintain /optimize the flow of documentation quality control system.

2. 协助质量工程师处理客户抱怨和内部质量问题

Assist the Quality Engineer to deal with customer complaint and internal quality issue.

3. 当需要时,执行产品和生产过程审核。

When necessary, conduct product and production process audit.

4. 不合格品(原材料和过程)判定和作为MRB重要成员

Work for the evaluation of rejected products. (raw material and process) and as the key member of MRB

5. 所属范围质量意识推进并提供相应培训

Be responsible for the improvement of quality consciousness within the restraints of one’s position

and supply the corresponding training.

6. 所属范围质量数据IPL和Q-Pulse等数据管理及质量报告准备

Be responsible for the control of quality data IPL and Q-pulse ,prepare quality report.

7. 新产品投产支持 (FAI)

Support first article inspection (FAI)

8. 检验员技能提升和技能评估

Promote inspectors inspection skill and evaluate inspector’s skill.


任职资格 Requirement:

1. 大专,电子电气专业或技校毕业多年相关产品经验

    College, major in electron or electric or technical school with several years’ experience.

2. 3年以上相关工作经验

    With 3 years related experience.

3. 满足EH02中审核员的要求,MRB QA的要求,熟悉质量工具8D和过程分析方法

    Meet requirements in EH02 about internal auditor, MRB QA, familiar with quality tooling such as 8D, process analysis method.

4. 英语较好,计算机良好,很好沟通协调能力,团队协作

    Be good at English and computer. Be skillful in communication and teamwork.

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