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Associate Manufacturing Engineer - Product & Planning

Date: Jan 2, 2022

Location: Langfang, CN

Company: GKN Aerospace Careers

About Us

GKN Aerospace is the world's leading multi-technology tier 1 aerospace supplier. With 51 manufacturing locations in 14 countries, we serve over 90% of the world”s aircraft and engine manufacturers. We design and manufacture innovative smart aerospace systems and components. Every time you travel by air almost anywhere in the world, it is likely that GKN is helping you on your way.

We are looking for people who want to make a difference, talented members with the skills and passions to become the best of the future in what they do.

Job Summary

Job Responsibilities



1. 负责翻译、更新、完善作业指导书等。

Final Responsibility for translating, updating and completing work instructions

2. 文件:评价、批准生产数据包和技术作业指导书。确保产品按照作业指导书进行装配。

Documentation: Evaluate and approve manufacturing data packages and technical work instructions. Ensure products are assembled strictly with the process specified to meet customer's requirements and solve the assembly process problem promptly

3. 解决问题Problem Solving

a) 根据实际操作经验改良作业指导书Improve work instructions by operation experience

b) 根据作业指导书,给操作员提供技术培训

Provide technical training to operators according to the work instruction

c) 与顾客、设计团队沟通,为解决车间的问题提供解决方案。

Communicate with customers, design team to confirm resolutions for shop floor problem

4. 质量Quality

a) 协助质量部门进行技术分析从而为质量问题提供解决方案

Assist quality with technical analysis to provide resolutions to quality issues

b) 通过监控质量数据减少人为组装失误,并采取纠正和预防措施,以改进或纠正操作行为。

Reduce manual assembly scrap by monitoring quality data and taking corrective and preventive action to improve or correct the operations

c) 首件检验的发起并保证按照相关要求进行首件检验。

Initiate FAI and Ensure FAI been done according to the related requirements

Job Qualifications

Bachelor Degree. Major in mechanical and electrical related.


Knowledge of Drawing software绘图软件知识

Have good English skills in reading and writing. CET-4 above.


Skilled in Office Software. 熟练使用OFFICE办公软件

Be good at communication and logical thinking. 良好的沟通能力和逻辑思维

Problem analyzing & solving skills问题分析与解决的能力

Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (DIB)

As a global engineering company, innovation is what differentiates us from our competitors and is central to our success.

A balance of cultures, ethnicities and genders help bring new ideas and creativity to GKN. We need people of different backgrounds, with different skills and perspectives to spark originality, imagination and creativeness in our teams around the world.

GKN is an equal opportunity employer.

We treat all our employees and applicants fairly and are committed to ensuring that there is no discrimination or harassment against any employee or qualified applicant on the grounds of age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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