Cowes Apprenticeships

Cowes apprenticeship schemes

Cowes apprenticeship schemes

Listed below are the six key apprenticeship schemes available at our manufacturing sites in Cowes. Please click on each apprenticeship scheme to see more detailed information:

Social side

Social side
G.R.E.A.T awards

'All of our apprentices get along very well. Those who have been here for a while look after us newbies and show us the ropes. We often see each other at college and inside work. We formally meet up once a month to discuss issues and help each other with questions we may have. We've also met up outside of work like at our recent company awards evening which was a lot of fun'.

Meet our apprentices

Stuart works predominantly on 5 axis machines that drill and trim the edge of complex aircraft parts. He sets them up prior to machining them and will ensure they operate correctly, efficiently and safely drilling holes, routing etc.

Stuart is gaining a wide variety of work experience which he finds “Good when at college as it helps you realise how much knowledge you have compared to those who have yet to start work and just have college work to do”.  He says “I get help from people on the shop floor, they all help me learn and they will all answer my questions”.

He is ambitious and says that “In the future I would like to do programming. I think I could do this now that I have more experience”.

Stuart - Advanced Machine Operator Apprentice

Lauren is currently in the first year of her apprenticeship. She has spent the initial part of the year at the F.E. specialist composite technology college next to our manufacturing site learning basic knowledge and practical experience of materials, tooling and hand skills on both composite and metallic structures.

She is now back at the factory going around the different areas of the shop floor to trace the life cycle of a production aircraft part.  She also spends 1 day each week at college to take a formal engineering qualification. Her first project within the Manufacturing Engineering (ME) department is to write genuine manufacturing build instructions for production areas to follow. She says “I have been given my own projects to follow through and manage and I really like solving problems so would love to be a manufacturing engineer once I complete my apprenticeship. Having a rotation around all the different aspects of the ME department will give me the opportunity to discover what I’m best at so that I can continue this in the future. It also allows me to understand other areas and what they’re talking about whilst I’m carrying out my own work”.

Lauren - Advanced Technician Apprentice

“I am gaining such a variety of hands on skills and experience so early in my career which will help me long term”.

“I would like to continue aircraft fitting in the future but eventually I’d like to be a team leader because I’m really enjoying working with people. I prefer working with adults rather than being at school following A-Levels in a classroom as I am learning so much that is actually helping me with my job and I have a constant feeling of progression.”

Leon - Operations Apprentice

Aimee Used to work in the customer service and retail industries before joining GKN Aerospace. She likes moving into different areas and functions to understand the whole business. She finds there are many varied aspects but she is learning how everyone works in their specialist area but how this also comes together as one team to achieve the company goals.

In the next few years of her apprenticeship she is looking forward to having longer placements in certain areas so that she can become more of a valued team member.  She says “Once I complete my apprenticeship I want to become a project manager so that I can travel around the world with my work for GKN”. “I really like working with internal and external customers and suppliers being the liaison between them because of the skills I have built on in terms of my customer service experience”.

Aimee - Advanced Business Apprentice